New Brown Bristle Kabuki Brush

New Brown Bristle Kabuki Brush

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  • Use it to apply a finishing powder - Kabuki brushes are for those times when you want a little extra. The times when you wear both foundation and powder.

  • Use it to buff or blend your powder - You can create a smooth, flawless look with your kabuki brush. Instead of applying product to it, just apply your brush to your completely made up face. Swirl the brush around in circles to buff your powder, taking away any harsh streaks or un-blended lines.

  • Apply blush to create softer look - Take your kabuki brush and dip it into your powdered blush, and then swirl onto your face. The very nature of the kabuki brush takes away the severe lines that commonly appear with blush application.

  • Use with mineral powder - Because of its density, a kabuki brush is ideal for holding fine powder, like mineral powder.

  • Clean your brush regularly - An important part of your routine is keeping your brushes clean. This cuts down on possible bacteria, and makes your brushes last longer. To clean your kabuki brush, use a regular makeup remover, or simply soak in a mixture of 1/2 shampoo, 1/2 water. Make sure you turn over on the bristles to dry.