Unveiling Your Skin Type: The Fitzpatrick Scale

Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Scale

Fitzpatrick Scale - know your skintone

What's Your Skin Type?

The Fitzpatrick skin tone scale is a tool that can help you determine your skin type based on your skin's color and sensitivity to the sun. There are six different skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale, ranging from very fair to very dark.

Type I

This skin type is very fair and burns easily. People with type I skin typically have freckles and light-colored eyes. If you have type I skin, you should be very careful in the sun and always wear sunscreen with a high SPF.

Type II

People with type II skin also have fair skin, but they tan a little bit more easily than type I. They still need to be careful in the sun and wear sunscreen, but they can tolerate a little bit more sun exposure than type I.

Type III

Type III skin has a more olive complexion and is less prone to burning. People with type III skin can usually tan pretty easily, but they should still be careful in the sun.

Type IV

People with type IV skin have a light brown complexion and rarely burn. They can tolerate more sun exposure than the previous types, but they still need to wear sunscreen.

Type V

Type V skin is darker than type IV and rarely burns. People with type V skin can tan easily and don't need to worry about burning as much as the previous types.

Type VI

This skin type is the darkest on the Fitzpatrick scale. People with type VI skin rarely burn and can tolerate a lot of sun exposure. However, they still need to wear sunscreen to protect their skin.

So, which skin type do you have? Knowing your skin type can help you choose the right products and develop a skincare routine that works best for you.

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