19/01/14 - PREORDERS are officially open for the Pinup Project for MS!
The 2015/16 financial year calendar is in production!
A very special thanks goes out to Deb Saunders Photography, and my good friend, and consistent supporter, Emma of Face It Makeup Effects, as well as Dave Leane, Sasha Pazeski, Kaz Gower and all my amazing, and gorgeous models, for their willingness to contribute to the cause. I was diagnosed with MS in 2007, and as I'm living well with the chronic disease, many aren't and I wanted to give something to help the MS sufferer community, as well as lovers of pinup! It's a win-win scenario! :)
Pre-order your Pinup Project for MS Calendar - click on the pic below!

28/10/14 - Sometimes I like to get a little creative, and avant garde. Here's my most recent collaboration with a few exceptionally talented folks:  Nicole Luneburg Photography, and Face It Makeup Effects. A very special mention to Sunshing & Lollipops, (for the use of her fluff bunny, Azumi)  and The Vintage Bride (for the use of her tassle house coat). More in the gallery, click the image below. Hair by Gemma Vendetta.