Gemma Vendetta - Stylist

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

I was 26. In 2009/10 or thereabouts, I decided to create Gemma Vendetta - a 1940s style cheesecake pinup. It was a hobby at first, but then slowly but surely I was beginning to be recognised as the 'go-to-gal' for all things pinup in Adelaide.
I hadn't trained as a stylist at that point and all my skills were self-taught , starting with my hand-me-down pincurl clips that my Babcia (RIP March 2021) gifted to me.
I pursued what was later to known to me as session styling, doing hair and makeup for photoshoots, fashion shows, theatre, stage and also for personal portfolio shoots.
I have met SO MANY amazing people through vintage hair and makeup, many of whom I still hold as dear friends.
I later decided that I should honour my fellow industry stylists, and I obtained my Cert4 in Hairdressing + Cert2 in Makeup. Since 2016, I have created my own namesake mineral cosmetics brand, that is growing each day, and every day I am thankful for every single person that has helped me in one way or another to date.
I now work fulltime, single-handedly on Gemma Vendetta Cosmetics, both through passion but also as a result of c0vid all but ruining my primary income from wedding styling.
Something had to give. I still have MS. And without the capacity to subsidise my income with styling, I had to go where the return equals the input. And my cosmetics brand is where that is right now. I turned 41 this year. I'm getting tired. My MS symptoms have somewhat returned (fatigue, pins & needles, some numbness), and I know I can't keep producing amazing results forever.
So, I've made the decision to see out my current weddings, into 2022, but due to the above reason, I won't be continuing with Hairdressing & Makeup Artistry as my primary business.
Thank you to each and every human I've met along the way, I have learned and grown SO much in the last 13 or so years!
Au Revoir, but only from behind the chair!
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