How long will my products last?

Hello there,

Do you know about expiration dates for makeup?

Have you seen the symbols on labels and never known what they are, or what they mean?

Well, there’s a buzz acronym for those in the know, and it’s called PAO (Period After Opening).

This is an important symbol to familiarise yourself with, as it indicates how many months you have between the day you open it and the day it expires.

The ‘tricky’ part is being aware that WET products (i.e. made with water), have a shorter shelf life, and DRY products (i.e. powders) tend to live longer.

As a general guide for the Gemma Vendetta Range:

  • Lipstick = 6 months

  • BB/CC Cream = 6 months

  • Pressed Mineral Foundation/Blush/Other Powder = 12 months

  • Mascara = 6 months

There are a few things to note with your makeup/skincare:

  • lookout for signs of rancidity—like changes in texture, colour, or smell.

Pay careful attention to natural makeup/skincare which may be formulated without harsh preservatives and may have a shorter period before expiration.

Natural skincare products use natural preservatives. For example, “Tocopherol” which is a natural form of vitamin E. Tocopherol comes from leafy vegetables and soybeans. It helps stabilise natural products without the toxicity of chemical preservatives.

Natural makeup/skincare doesn’t like excessive heat, so please don’t leave your products in a hot car, or a hot bathroom!

Natural preservatives usually don’t provide the same shelf life as parabens. However, the trade-off is worth it for a better product without nasty chemicals.

If in doubt, please contact me, or the stockist you purchased your product from!

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